Third Vision Arts LLC is a company with deep roots in the field of "Gem & Jewelry Designs and Gemology". Its foundation were built on the principles of "Efficiency & Integrity", with the spirit of an "Artisan", not as commercial designer. "We adapt but we do not compromise". Jewelry is just another medium of expression. A true "Artisan" can mold any tangible or intangible element he focuses on, whether it be jewelry hand fabrication, wax carving models, fine arts photography or even code programming designs, and use them as a tool of expression" and be equally Creative and Efficient.

As civilization moves to unfettered momentum in technological advancements, an "Artisan" must be able to ride and rise through these changes. He must be able to dovetail all available creativity and resources for artistic goals.

Currently channeling resources in the field of technology, Third Vision Arts is developing useful "Application for the iOS Devices.

Projects released thus far are;

1. The First Project, Gems Carat serves and offer convenience, efficiency and simplicity in performing "Weight Estimation" of faceted Diamonds and Colored Gemstones. 

2. The Second Project, iGemology went live in the Appstore in 2012. This is the first fully functional "Professional Gemological Application" leveraged by trade professional on their iOS devices! For more information, please click the iAppraise tab on top bar.

      Please see iGemology tab above for full description.        


3. The Third Project, Gem Guide  serves and offer convenience in reference to Faceted Diamonds and Colored Gemstones. 

4. The Fourth Project, iGem II HD  is an integrated features of both Gems Carat and Gem Guide in an iPad app.

5. The Fifth Project, iAppraise is an iPad only application. This application serves as tool for generating a Professional Jewelry Appraisal Document for both Market Value Assignments and Insurance Replacement Assignments. These reports are normally provided by Jewelry Store Owners, Gem Appraisers, and Auction House Appraisers, or any personnel who are exposed in Gem and Jewelry Valuation and eValuation for the consumer.

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